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Singapore is an south-east Asian city-state situated off
the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula, 137 kilometers north of the
 A country of islands that is composed of 63 islands it is separated
from Malaysia through its Straits of Johor to its north, and to the Indonesian
Riau Islands by the Singapore Strait to its south.
 A delicious mix of culinary styles and spectacular shopping
collections, there is plenty to lure tourists towards its beaches!

Singapore Tour Packages give a substantial change of the
blend of packages of travel to explore the unique charms of Singapore, a
meticulously clean and well-maintained with city-state, featuring attractive
shopping avenues cafes, restaurants and other tourist attractions, such as the
stunning and vibrant Jurong Bird Park.

An intriguing Singapore Cruise onboard the Super Star
Virgo, is one of the amazing and stylish options available Singapore Tour
Packages can offer to showcase the culinary and social affluence of Singapore
and its many amazing vacation spots.
 A comprehensive cost list
from four major urban areas, that are as follows:

The major benefits of this fantastic 05 evenings/06 days
package are return economy class air ticket that includes assessments 3
evenings of convenience in Singapore and two nights in a Cruise on Full Board
premise Return Cruise travel Breakfast every day, Half-day City Tour of
Singapore, Night Safari Sunset Sentosa tour that includes a one-way streetcar
rides and a dolphin tidal pond submerged world, music of the oceans and
butterflies park and bug world with tea, return Air Terminal Exchanges, All
travel and excursions on the Sic's premises as well as visa.

The completely land-based Exciting Singapore Tour,
legitimate until the 30th June, 2013 , and beginning at SGD 382.00 from now,
includes a Cable Car Ride to Sentosa island, and then on to the world-renowned
Underwater World, Song of the Seas which is a musical wellspring show featuring
a new and innovative display of lasers, music and drinking fountains that will
captivate you!

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